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Why Port Saint Lucie and Hoge Realty?

Let me ask you a question: Why would you want to live in St Lucie County? Check out this video and you will find some of the reasons why thousands have called is home. The 8th largest and safest large city in Florida, within 2 hours of Miami and Orlando, and 3 to Tampa! There is so much to do, it is up to you.
At Hoge Realty we have the knowledge of local trends when you are looking for a place where you will “Love where you Live!” Hoge Realty makes this process simple by keeping you ahead of the game with the latest news of what is going on within Tradition and surrounding area in St. Lucie County.

At Hoge Realty Co ~Buyer or Seller ~ You Come First!

Welcome to Hoge Realty Co where you, the customer, come first.

You won’t notice a lot of verbiage about us, but you will see options to search as a Buyer or get information as a Seller. It is all about you.

As a Buyer, you should know that our services are FREE to you. The seller pays our commission, but we have YOUR back. We don’t charge you any JUNK fees either. When you visit a builder’s office, don’t go alone. You need someone to be on your side. Remember, we are FREE to you!


As a Seller, we have a NEW Benefit for you: Flat Listing Fee! We don’t just tell you that you are first, we show you. Contact us today to list your house and $ave Big $$.

ANNOUNCING! 3D RealTours for your house included!

Also, you should know that we don’t charge you JUNK FEES for the privilege of doing business with us. There  will never be any “Administrative”, “Broker”, or “Transaction” fees (which can be hundreds of dollars) while working with us, and we will do all we can to watch your back from others trying to do that to you. You found us here, now put your house where others will see it too-on this website!

At Hoge Realty Co – we specialize in Tradition FL Real Estate, as well as Treasure Coast FL Real Estate. If you want to buy or sell in these areas – you want to call us!

Remember: “Love where you Live!” (Anywhere on the Treasure Coast!)